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Infrared Sauna

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Clinically proven to regenerate cells from the inside-out and scientifically proven to treat injuries, pain, and to optimize cellular health. Infrared light therapy has been proven to create healthier looking skin by enhancing collagen production, reduce inflammation, repair damaged skin from scars such as acne or surgery scars. Infrared light therapy improves circulation, detoxification, and energy.


When infrared light is absorbed by our cells after repeated oxidative stress from the environment and toxins, the cells will return to optimal health. Infrared light therapy can also improve sports performance as well as improve muscle recovery and endurance. Infrared light therapy works on the body at the cellular level and enhances mitochondrial function, our body’s powerhouses.

Benefits Reported

Reduction In Wrinkles

Smoother Skin

Stimulation of
Skin Healing

Relief in Pain


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